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Eco Cork Infill is a premium 100% organic performance material produced from granulated cork. The cork granules are obtained from cork trees with no damage to the tree when the bark is harvested.

Cork fill provides an eco-conscious solution to inhibit the spread of microplastics from rubber infill. With a lower restitution value and exceptional shock absorption features, Eco Cork Infill is an ideal choice for players. The cork grain, derived naturally from the cork oak tree, has a minimal impact on the plant.

This natural cork infill ensures an all-natural aesthetic of the field, which aids in retaining water, considerably reducing surface heat. It is comprised of 100% organic constituents, environmentally considerate, and completely non-toxic. When it reaches the end of its functional life, Eco Cork Infill is fully recyclable. It’s a decision for those who prioritize the environment.




Sports fields






Shock absorbent

Eco Cork Infill offers great shock absorption and elasticity. Its unique cellular structure allows for compression without damage. Users can enjoy long-term shock absorption without compromising performance or durability.



Cork is renowned for its exceptional durability due to the presence of suberin. This natural substance makes cork highly resistant to moisture and oxidation, while providing exceptional abrasion and scratch resistance.

Thermal insulator

Thermal insulation

The cellular structure is optimized for efficient heat retention over extended periods and demonstrates minimal solar absorption, effectively reducing surface temperatures.

fire resistant

Fire resistant

Cork is a fire-resistant material. It doesn't spread flames or release any toxic gases during combustion, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

green house effect reduction


Cork oak forests play a significant role in combating climate change by retaining up to 14 million tons of CO2 each year, which helps to effectively reduce the harmful effects of the greenhouse effect on our planet.



Eco Cork Infill is completely scent-free and does not emit any odour in warm and sunny conditions. It is non-toxic and does not release any hazardous substances.


Natural look

Cork fill ensures a natural and professional aesthetic to any field. It presents an eco-friendly substitute, preventing the dispersal of microplastics from rubber infill.



Cork is produced from renewable resources and is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. Additionally, cork is biodegradable, making it an ideal option for those who prioritize sustainability.


Eco Cork Infill is certified and recognized to be used in sports fields of major sports organizations Worldwide (FIFA, NFL, MLB)

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